Women Livelihoods

Location of Intervention: Jawhar, Mokhada & Vikramgarh (Palghar District), Pen (Raigad District), Maharashtra

The Challenges

Women in rural India continue to encounter numerous obstacles stemming from absence to literacy, climate change and gender inequality. They face numerous hurdles in pursuing any income opportunity and end up doing an odd labour job. We need a holistic program that works on giving her confidence, training her in niche skills that can be used to earn an income through dignity and provide market linkages if she decides to pursue product based livelihoods.

Our Approach

Sustainable livelihoods transcend conventional approaches to poverty eradication, embodying an integrated and cohesive strategy. The Raah Foundation is committed to empowering impoverished individuals to earn a living in a way that is economically, ecologically, and socially sustainable. 

The livelihoods program starts by approaching women in communities and introducing them to opportunities for life-changing transformations. Through extensive training, the program enhances their skills and confidence, enabling women to effectively manage small businesses, earn livelihoods and contribute to family incomes.

Livelihood Opportunities

Agri Based

Plant Nursery

Product Based

Tote bags, Cotton Rugs, Pouches, Grass Products

Art Based

Warli Art

Micro Business

Grocery Shop, Food/ Fruit Stall, Flour Mill, Tailoring

Financial Advisors

Life Skills and Entrepreneurship

Environmentally Smart Business Enterprises for Women


Grass Weaving

Textile waste upcycling (1)

Textile Waste Upcycling

Impact of our Program

increase in income for women through local businesses
25 %
women supported