Water Security

Location of Intervention: Jawhar, Mokhada & Vikramgarh (Palghar District), Parner (AhmedNagar District), Maharashtra

The Challenges

Water is the lifeblood of existence, crucial for health, hygiene, and vital industries like agriculture, energy, and transportation. The stability of any community or nation hinges on water security. 

Climate variability disrupts rainfall patterns and intensifies temperatures, leading to shorter rainy seasons and prolonged dry spells. These changes have profound effects on lives and livelihoods, amplifying human suffering and elevating the risks of instability, conflict, and migration. Unfortunately, the regions most vulnerable to environmental shifts are often those already grappling with poverty and a lack of resources for effective water management.

Our Approach

Availability of Water

Ease of access to water

Quality of water

Our Water Security Model

  • Adopt a water parched village
  • Map the existing water structure and status
  • Compute water demand over 10 years for various uses
  • Conduct a hydrogeological study to identify recharge and discharge zones
  • Enhance and augment rain water harvesting capacities and build supply side strategy
  • Conduct baseline surveys and end point projected results
  • Create and train local committee for regulatory water resource management
  • Track performance of water management committees
  • Exit the village after achieving water sustainability

Impact of Our Programme

direct beneficiaries
liters additional water capacity created
500 M
wells and dams in 117 villages
improvement in water table levels
1 %