The Challenges

The Western Ghats in the Sahyadri range comprises indigenous populations that substantively exist in forestry and farming. Water insecurity, loss of livelihoods, poor access to education and skills training have created intergenerational poverty that threatens the existence of entire communities.  requires a unique approach, as past efforts and substantial investments have yielded only marginal improvements. 

The looming threat of climate change, further puts vulnerable communities at risk of sliding back into poverty, erasing the limited progress made. Given the critical nature of the situation, it necessitates a distinct and innovative approach that thinks outside the box and mitigates interconnected challenges.

Our Approach

For the past 13 years, the Raah Foundation has developed groundbreaking models to progress communities out of poverty by innovating organic solutions from within the ecosystems they serve. 

Measuring impact, and refining solutions to reach over 65,000 in the remotest areas of the State, the Foundation has gathered on the ground intelligence to scale and sustain.

Theory of Change


Where We Serve