Poverty can be eradicated completely -

Even if it is intergenerational – it is possible to break the vicious cycle of deprivation and build a virtuous cycle of growth & transformation


Water Positive world is a definite possibility -

Solution lies in using the science of hydrogeology with the Art of using water judiciously.

Livelihoods need to be sustainable -

A bottom up approach with ownership from the community with appropriate capacity building

Climate Smart farming is the way forward for small and marginal farmers -

Building resilience through appropriate crop selection, limiting water usage and adaptation through correct knowledge on climate change

Skill Training for youths -

The way forward to ensure that demographic advantages of being the youngest country gives rich dividends and doesn’t become a disaster


Climate change adaptation and mitigation -

Both are an urgent need. Join us as we restore 15,000 acres and build a biodiversity corridor while rejuvenating Godavari river in Nashik

About Us

Who we are?

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed, it has ever has. - Margarita Mead

We are a group of passionate people using our education, background, and experience to create a better world. Cliched it may sound, but we are determined, and we are in a hurry. We work with some of the poorest communities which are also the innocent victims of climate change. Our approach is outcome-focused, impact-driven, and bottom-up. We delayer the intertwined layers of social problems and work both inside out and outside in to make a sustainable change that spurs growth and development.

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Water Security

Sustainable Livelihoods

Climate Action

Skill Training

Climate Smart Farming

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Your valuable support is needed to facilitate sustainable development in the lives of tribals of Maharashtra through a multi-pronged, multi-dimensional approach needed to address the different intertwined layers of social problems.