Our Existing Partners:

Our Vision & Agenda for next decade:

Water Security

Make 100 additional villages water positive.

Create additional 1000 million liters of rainwater harvesting capacity.

Sustainable Livelihoods

Support additional 500 women for micro entrepreneurship

Supporting the existing cohort of 500 women entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses

Climate Action

Revive and Restore 15,000 acres of barren land into carbon sinks

Rejuvenate Godavari river corridor through plantation, soil & moisture conversation

Skill Training

Train 50,000 youths to get trained for a viable corporate job.

Climate Smart Agriculture

Plant an additional 1,00,000 saplings by supporting atleast 2000 more farmers

Partner with us by being a donor and supporter

  • For Corporate/ Institutional Donors:

    Please mail us greetings@raahfoundation.org or call Sonia on +919320019195

  • For Individual / Retail Donors

    Choose your passion/ theme you wish to support and use the link below to donate

    Water Security

    Support a Welllo Wheel
    ₹5,000 per woman

    Climate Action

    Support a Tree Wheel
    ₹2,500 per sapling

    Skill Training

    Support a Youth
    ₹5,000 per youth

    Women micro business

    Support a Woman
    ₹15,000 per Woman