Skill training for youths

India is one of the youngest countries in the world with the average age being just 28.4 years. An investment in youths is hence highly essential to make use of this demographic dividend.

About 68% of youth in India are from rural areas and have limited access and availability to employment opportunities, which creates multiple challenges for them.

Recent studies indicate only 25% of the youth who graduate are employed. This leaves a larger section of educated youth and their families feeling frustrated and clueless. The employability percentage is further lower in tier 2 & tier 3 cities. This is mainly because of the disconnect between the expectations of industry and the course curriculum completed by the students.

It is hence extremely pertinent that we work with and on youth on a priority and bridge the gap between their aspirations and the needs of the corporate world.

Our courses work in bridging this gap by the inclusion of life skills, values, and more importantly, the skill sets required by the industry. These courses ensure the youth continue to learn and have a good career growth trajectory.

We strongly believe that by providing employment to the youth, we can support them in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty and desperation and building a virtuous one with the possibility of growth and transformation.

Skilling and making one youth employable uplifts the entire family out of poverty.

  • Employment skill building for service/ retail & ITES sector

    • Min. Education - Class 12 pass
    • Age Group - 18 years - 25 years
    • Duration - 35 Days Course
    • Offer - 100% Employment Guaranteed Program
    • Salary - Minimum Salary offered - INR 10,000/-

    The Centre is currently operational in Dadar. For more information please call: 8779410788 / 8369746657 / 7021084868.

    Google Map link - Dadar Center ( Address:- 207, 208 & 209, 2nd floor, Blue Pearl CHS, Tulsipipe line Road, Senapati Bapat Road, Dadar (west), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400028) Please put a Google Maps link for the above address.

    We are expanding to more areas. Our Centres are coming up in Pen Taluka, Pune, and Nasik in the coming year.

  • Employment technical skill building for the manufacturing sector

    • Min. Education - ITI/ Dip. in Engineering
    • Age Group - 18 years - 25 years
    • Address - Establishing training centre in Talegaon, Pune to provide technical training to youth to cater to the ever-increasing demand for skilled welders in manufacturing units globally. The programs are standardized as well as customized for basic and advanced levels in multiple welding technologies, along with working on different metallurgies.
  • Employability enhancement for college students

    This program is for students in the last year of their education in ITI, Government colleges, Engineering colleges, and other faculties.

    The Training is provided to the students in the last year of their course. This is done on the educational institution’s premises itself. The course is spread over 60 days. The entire program emphasises on drastically improving their employability skills. Apart from learning life skill values, spoken English, and computers, the students will also learn how to appear for interviews, etc which will build their confidence. On Completion of the Course, the student’s CV will be uploaded to a portal to which the industry also has access. This improves the visibility of the students drastically.