Swachh Harit Gram Yojana (S’GY)

While social problems are in abundance in these tribal villages, they are also full of filth and dirt accumulated over a long period of time. This further adversely impacts the health and makes them susceptible to diseases and nature’s fury. Whether it is diarrhoea in the monsoons or fever and other problems in the winter. Filth accumulated over the years have clogged the drains and other water bodies. The randomly thrown and unscientifically disposed plastic and other toxic matter has endangered lives of the livestock and other animals. This program has been inspired by the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan started by our Hon. Prime Minister Shri NaarendraModijii.

S’GY is a comprehensive program where we involve corporates and other passionate individuals to clean the village and its precincts, educate villagers to continue with the effort, implementing a mechanism for garbage collection and appropriate disposal and finally planting trees and maintaining them to fulfil the mission of creating a Swachh Harit Gram. Corporates are welcome to adopt a village especially for this purpose.

This program works at two levels:

Level One: Swachh (Clean Campaign)

  • Sign Up
  • Clean Mission where through Shramdaan the village is cleaned up completely of plastic and other filth.
  • This would be combined effort and villagers would participate in the mission.
  • Donate Composting Solutions (we have tied up a composting solutions provider)
  • Educate villagers to abstain from randomly throwing garbage and use the composting pits instead for disposing the garbage.

Level Two: Green (Harit Campaign)

  • Sign Up
  • Decide which trees to plant. We shall provide you with the options based on soil type and other details.
  • Sharmdaan for Tree Plantation.
  • Educate villagers to take care of the trees and nurturing them.