Support “Change a Life Program”

Once you sign up for this program we shall send you the list of possible mentees along with picture and background information about them. We shall also have details about the cost implications and time commitment needed for each changing each life. Based on what type of mentorship you intend providing, we can connect you to your mentee. All the admin support would be provided by us. This is a long term program which would need a commitment of atleast 3 – 5 years. Money is one thing but what really needed is guidance and appropriate guidance. What these kids lack is not intelligence or capacity to work hard but an appropriate exposure and an opportunity. This program bridges the gap between what they have and what they need.

   Change a Life: Student Profiles

Roshani Ganpat Sapta

Roshani Ganpat Sapta is a 12 year old ambitious girl who wishes to change her life through hard work and education. She is currently a students of class 7 of ZillaParishad School at Walvanda. Her father is a poor farmer who works in his farm for three months and as a labourer for the next nine months. The family income is Rs. 15,000 per annum which is very less for a family of 12. Roshani has three other siblings and her mother is completely illiterate and spends all her time on fetching water and working at home. Roshani wants to break the cycle and wants to study to become a Doctor. She understands that it is not easy to become a doctor; she definitely aspires to make a career in para medical field.
If you wish to become her “Guru” do write to us.

Jyoti Ganpat Sapta

Jyoti is Roshani’s older sister, 14 years of age and currently studying in class 9th in the Adivasi High School; Walvanda. Her father is a farmer and she is part of a large 12 member household (consisting of her siblings, parents, her widowed aunt and her 5 children). The family depends on the meagre income of Rs. 15,000/- pa that their father earns by working a labourer most of the year. She aspires to become a Nurse and she knows she would do well in the nursing profession as she has been since very young taking care of her younger siblings as well as her mother who is ailing most of the time.
Needless to say, her parents do not have money to support her Nursing course. She also needs lot of guidance and support Do you wish to change her life? You can become her “Guru” and make her wish come true. Do contact us if you wish to support her dreams?

Sarita Madhukar Malkari

Sarita is a 15 year old girl studying in class 9 in Adivasi High School, Walvanda. Her father was a farmer who dies when she was in class 3rd. She lives with her widowed mother and 4 other siblings in her tiny hut. Although she dreams of becoming a Nurse, she is not sure how her mother who barely earns Rs. 10,000/- by doing odd jobs can support her education. Her mother has a small patch of land which is cultivated during monsoon but the yield is not even sufficient to feed 6 mouths in their village forget earning an income out of it. Sarita is also extremely low on confidence and the numerous struggles in her life has made her very pessimistic. She not only needs financial support to complete her education but also importantly counselling and words of wisdom that would bolster her confidence and guide her to fulfil her dreams and break the vicious circle of poverty.

Sadanand Vital Kale

JSadanand is a 13 year old young, energetic boy who has his entire life in front of him. He is at a crucial stage i.e. in class 7th studying at the ZillaParishad School, Walvanda. This is a very vulnerable age as many kids in class 7 drop out of school to take up a labour job and only some confidence and assertion of faith could help him sail through this stage. His father died when he was very young, he does not even remember his father. He lives with his mother (who is the only bread winner in the family) and three other siblings. They do not own even a small patch of land and his mother does labour work to earn a living. Life is tough for this young lad who is very good in reading and writing and is doing extremely well in his school. He dreams of becoming a police inspector. He needs to appear for various entrance exams for that, he also needs to eat well to pass the gruelling physical examination which is very difficult in the meagre income of his mother.
Do write to us if you think you wish to become his Guru.

Nitin Malkari

JNitin Malkari is a 18 year old boy studying in class 12th at Gokhale College at Jawhar. He has lost his father and his mother, who is the only bread winner of the family does odd jobs to earn a livelihood. They have a small patch of land which they till during monsoon. Nitin is good in studies as also good in reading and writing. He is also very good in tailoring and has learnt while doing odd jobs at a tailor shop during vacations.
He aims to become a Fashion Designer but have no idea how to go about it. He is willing to work hard and is flexible to do any kind of work to fulfil his desire. He needs your support. Do let us know if you wish to become his Guru and take him through the different milestones needed to achieve to change his life sustainably.