Support "Business Creation Program"

Entrepreneurship or Micro Business is an extremely powerful tool to bring about a sustainable change. Raah Foundation has enormous faith in the power of entrepreneurship to change lives. We have devised an exhaustive 10 day program that covers all the basics needed to start a small business. Our program also hands hold the entrepreneur until such time they become independent and confident.

Level One:

Five Day Entrepreneurship Program:

This is like a mini Five Day MBA where we take our trainees through all the nuances associated with business creation. We first attempt to answer the question: How? Our program covers all aspects of Strategy, Marketing, Operations, Logistics and most importantly Finance and Banking. In a very easy to understand language we take our trainees through all these and more. Throughout the program they hone their skills in confidence building and team work.

Level Two:

Skill Building:

At the end of Level One our trainees based on a SWOT analysis decide what skill they wish to learn to convert to a viable business opportunity. We then put them in groups where each learns different skills; from bag making to quilt making; garment making to fashion designing; we teach skills that are market relevant and have opportunity to earn money.

Level Three:

Combining Level One and Level Two. Start the business. We also connect them to financial institutions.


You can sponsor a program. We would be happy to give your name to our programs.

How to support Business Creation Program:

We are constantly looking for opportunities for our tribals to make money by making and selling products that have demand.

  • Give us an order to make products that you might use in your business. If you are a retailer, allow us to make bags for you.
  • Basic Stitching: If you are into fashion designing or garment making; allow us to create a basic garment for you which you can then improvise.
  • Packaging: Our tribals are expert in paper folding. If you have an order to pack your things  try us/
  • Distribution and Logistics: We can partner with you in your endeavour to distribute and fulfil your orders in rural and other areas.

Do get in touch with us if you have any further opportunities.