Rural Tours (R’T)

We organise niche tours to the Rural areas to provide a unique experience – a sneak peek into the life of the tribals. Our Tribals are very different, they have their own culture, beliefs, thoughts and concept of life. They are very colourful people and have very different music and dance forms. They are full of life and their enthusiasm rubs off any one who comes in contact with them. These tours are exhilarating and very invigorating. They provide a very different view of life and these rural tours are definitely worth a try.

We have the following options :

  • One Day Visit tours.
  • One Day Impact Tours
  • Two day visit & impact tour
  • Two Day Impact Tour

Visit Tours are to get an exposure to the area – understand the dynamics of the location etc. The itinerary would be decided as per your time and can be customised to suit your requirement.

One Day Visit Tours would broadly include:

Tribal Areas are beautiful and a visit tour would take us through the valleys and through the mountains. The history and beliefs of the Tribals are also very interesting and throughout the trip we will entertain you with a lot of stories of their life and their culture. The Tribal Fort is also worth a visit. Now in ruins but once upon a time the Tribal King was very powerful and ruled the kingdom even after British Invasion. Visit to Tribal village and eating with the Tribals would also be an interesting agenda in your trip. The trips are customisable and very enjoyable.

Two Day Visit& Impact Tour

  • Day One : Visit and understand the area and the problems
  • Day Two : Impact and work on/ suggest solutions to the problems.

Especially during the monsoons, this area is like a second heaven. Do join us on these trips and explore the unexplored.