Health & Nutrition

Malnourishment, stunted growth, high occurrence of anaemia as well as high infant and maternal mortality rates are just some of the health incidences prevalent in the tribal areas of Jawhar. It is hence extremely important to address the health parameters as health is an intrinsic part of any plans of development and growth.

Raah Foundation works on health and nutrition with children and with adults as both of these categories need intervention at different levels.

  Health Program with Children:

Healthy children can have a healthy future and while we cannot change the circumstances of their birth, we can definitely change the way they grow. Raah Foundation maintains details of important parameters such as height, weight, etc. which are then monitored over time. Medicinal course for each child is thus decided – for example, some children need iron supplements while some others need calcium. Deworming and vaccinations are done for all the children in the area.

 Health Program with Adults:

While anaemia is rampant among almost all adults, Raah Foundation has also found very high occurrences of blood pressure among the tribals. Orthopaedic problems such as back pain and joint pain are also rampant and so are eye-related diseases. Raah Foundation conducts preventive health camps regularly and extreme cases are then referred to nearby hospitals. The demand for such camps is huge given the subpar health infrastructure found in the area. While the PHC exist, they are often unmanned and ill-equipped leaving the tribals to fend for themselves. Nearest health services are between 80 to 100 kms away.