Malnourishment, stunted growth, high occurrence of anemia as well as high infant and maternal mortality rates are just some of the health incidences prevalent in the tribal areas of Jawhar and Mokhada. It is hence extremely important to address the health parameters as health is an intrinsic part of any plans of development and growth.

Healthy children can have a healthy future and while we cannot change the circumstances of their birth, we can change the way they grow. Raah Foundation works on malnourishment eradication in the tribal belt. Raah has adopted five tribal hamlets in Mokhada that have the dubious distinction of deaths due to malnourishment and have implemented a long term program to ensure a healthy and happy future of these children.

Raah Foundation maintains details of important parameters such as height, weight, etc. of all the children in these hamlets which are then monitored over time. Medicinal course for each child is thus decided – for example, some children need iron supplements while some others need calcium. Deworming and vaccinations are done for all the children in the area. Grain kits comprising of high protein foods such as peanuts, gram, jaggery, millets etc. are supplied to each family to ensure healthy eating.


Poor are most vulnerable to climate change and it is hence important that they are safeguarded from the vagaries of nature. Creation of water bodies, improving the under water table are some of the programs undertaken as a part of the water initiative. Similarly tree plantation, clean village program are some other programs undertaken to protect environment and ensure environment sustainability.