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Possible ways in which people can donate to Raah Foundation

S.No. Activity Amount
(in Rs.)
(in USD)
1 Supporting one woman to start a micro business 6000 100 Changes her and her family's life completely. Shop provides the woman monthly income of Rs. 3,500 - Rs. 6,000/- per month without stepping out of her house. This additional income is used by her to buy vegetables, healthy food and generally lead a better life.
2 Supporting a wello wheel for one woman 5000 75 Carrying multiple water filled pots on head is detrimental to not only woman's health but also to her morale and self esteem. Wello wheel is a 45 ltr capacity tank which can be pulled or pushed to fetch water without any burden to the woman. Men also help as wello wheel is glamourous and men do not mind helping fetch water.
3 Supporting a sewing machine for one woman 6000 100 A sewing machine can support a woman to work from her own home and provide an additional income to her.
4 Supporting one family with one year's nutritious food supply 6000 100 Malnutrition and Anemia is rampant as the main meal is rice which is mostly grown by the tribals. They cannot afford to buy vegetables or millets or pulses. Food kit consists of 1/2 kg gram, 1/2 kg peanuts, 1/2 kg jaggery, 1/2 kg pulses & 1/2 kg millets. This not only provides the necessary nutrition to the tribal family but helps to a large extent in eradication of malnourishment & anemia.
5 Supporting construction of a well  300000 4450 Well not only conserves the rain water but also allows percolated water to fill it up by providing a sustainable and year round water source to the tribal hamlet.
6 Supporting revival of an existing dam 750000 11000 Dams are built in the valleys to stop the flowing water during monsoon. Tribal belts have several dams in dilapidated condition forcing the water to leak and dry within few months of rainy season. Renovating and Resurrecting a dam not only imporves its water retention capacity but provides enough water to last the year for drinking, agriculture, animals and bathing.
7 Supporting tablet based education for one child 12000 180 Lack of adequate teachers in tribal hamlets adversely impacts the way tribal children study. Tablets allow the children to study at their own pace thereby improving the quality , learning outcomes and reduces the number of school dropouts.
8 Supporting training for one tribal farmer to take up sustainable agricultural practice 5000 75 Tribals know how to grow their paddy but beyond that have no clue about growing vegetables or flowers as they have never done that before. An elaborate training session that teaches tribal farmers best practices and nuances of good farming techniques help farming become a viable occupation. Raah Foundation also provides the farmers with high quality seeds, saplings and hand holding support to earn a decent living out of farming.
9 Supporting one bore well for a group of farmers 150000 2200 Bore wells are dug near the fields to support farming.This improves productivity and directly impacts income of the farmer.
10 Supporting drip irrigation machine for one farmer 100000 1475 Drip Irrigation is needed to improve farm output and for other usages.

Raah Foundation is listed as an NGO with the Charity Commissioner of India (Mumbai) and we have 80G certificates and donating to Raah Foundation are eligible for tax saving relief. We have a strong donor management cell and we keep you updated with the manner in which your donated money has been spent and how what impact it has brought in.