Donate to Raah Foundation

Raah Foundation is listed as an NGO with the Charity Commissioner of India (Mumbai) and we have 80G or 35 AC certificates and donating to Raah Foundation are eligible for tax saving relief. We have a strong donor management cell and we keep you updated with the manner in which your donated money has been spent and how what impact it has brought in.

The immediate needs:

We have adopted a few villages in Jawhar for Holistic Development. Our Petal Model begins with Livelihood facilitation and then goes on to engage the people on broader agenda of social transformation. We have adopted a tiny hamlet in Jawhar and we are currently raising funds for water shed development project, improving the infrastructure of primary school and providing better educational opportunities for overall development of students of the hamlet. Your generous donations would be highly appreciated.

Donations in Kind:

Computers: If you have decent quality old computers do get in touch with us. We wish to install them in schools in Jawhar.

Water Containers: Water situation is very grave and they need large sintex tanks to store water. Do let us know if you would be keen to donate water containers.