Change a Life - One at a Time (C'L)

Our Tribal children are intelligent and full of potential for scaling heights and achieving success. What they lack is an opportunity - our program "Change a Life - One at a Time(C'L)" is meant to provide exactly that.

In olden days we had a very strong "Guru-Shishya" Parampara where the Guru would not only provide education, wisdom and knowledge but also a place to stay and food to his shishya. Guru had a very prominent role to play in Shishya's life and he not only guided the shishya but prepared him for life for any challenges in life and to face any adversity in life.

"Change a Life - One at a Time" is our attempt at reviving the strong tradition albeit using technology and digital world. We shall shortlist young (as young as 13 - 14 year old) boys and girls profile them, do an exhaustive SWOT on them and upload this information on our site. You are their Guru's and you would choose your shishya depending on what type of support you wish to offer. This would also involve providing financial support for further education (since you can't offer place to stay and food), offering guidance and be with them until they stand on their feet. Whenever you can spend time with your shishya we shall arrange your visit you can also communicate on phone and other medium. We shall send you all the details of the child his/her progress in school/ professional programs etc.

These kids have hardly any exposure to the outside real world and have little idea what they should or rather can pursue. This program was conceived to provide them with guide them, help them choose an appropriate line to study and subsequently choose a sustainable professional career.

This program enables each Guru to direct influence a life and change it permanently. While the cost and time implications are not much the impact can be humungous. One inspired and changed life can inspire many others to follow the suit.


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Frequently Asked Questions :

Can I choose the child or you will connect me to my shishya?
You can choose the child you wish to guide ideally depending on what the child wishes to do professionally. Ofcourse not all the children know at that stage what they wish to do or what they can become when they grow up. Our program would help you choose your shishya for the maximum impact.

How many years would I have to commit myself?
Ideally for the necessary impact, a five to six years commitment is needed. Even after planting a sapling, it takes that much time for the plant to start flowering we are talking about real people and real lives.

What if I am not able to honour the commitment?
Usually this does not happen, our experience shows that people start relating to their shishya and become passionate about changing that life which is so much looking upto them. But in case of any eventuality where financial or time commitment cannot be honoured we consider your request and Raah Foundation would take up the responsibility of changing that life.

Can I change my shishya if I am not satisfied with him/her?
Ideally you should not as consistent effort and focus is needed to change a life and jumping from person to person does not serve any purpose.

Can I take more than one Shishya?
Yes, You can choose to support more than one shishya provided you are able to provide that much time commitment.